Our mission

Bio ForeXtra’s mission is to develop natural and sustainable cosmetic active ingredients from forest biomass. We recycle the tree bark produced by the wood industry to propose new green alternatives to the cosmetic industry. Bark, the main by-product of the first transformation of wood, is produced in large amounts during lumber production. This part of the tree has traditionally been totally undervalued, as it was considered as a simple residue by the forest industry. Nowadays, bark is burned by cogeneration to produce energy. However, in terms of chemical composition, bark is one of the richest parts of the tree. This protective skin acts as a true shield against environmental stresses. The tree synthesizes highly bioactive compounds in its bark, such as polyphenols, which play a key role in self-defence mechanisms. Bio ForeXtra proposes to eco-extract these compounds before burning the bark as an essential step to valorize forest biomass at its highest potential, in a circular economy model.

The idea

During her doctoral researches at the University of French Guiana and then, her postdoctoral studies at Laval University in Quebec, Mariana Royer, Ph.D. in Chemistry of Natural Substances, has conducted several research projects aiming at valorizing the co-products of wood first transformation, through the extraction of bioactive molecules with various applications. She is the author and co-author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers and public reports on this topic. She has also presented several conferences in Quebec to demonstrate the potential for economic development related to forest extractives. Considering the underutilization of the forest bark produced in large quantities by the wood industry, the will of the Quebec authorities to develop the green chemistry sector, the lack of expertise in the chemistry of natural substances and the growing demand from user markets, Mariana came up with the idea of ​​contributing, through her entrepreneurial actions, to the development of this industry in Quebec. In 2013, she founded Les Laboratoires Bio ForeXtra, which aims to create the missing link between the forest and the cosmetics market via an innovative circular economy concept.