The fresh bark of various tree species valued by Bio ForeXtra, is collected in sawmills during wood processing. We collaborate with FSC-certified Quebec sawmills for their sustainable use of the resource and their sustainable forest management. The bark is then qualified by a standardized procedure. Before extraction, the bark is dried, crushed, refined and sieved in order to obtain a homogeneous material suitable for efficient extraction.


Bio ForeXtra develops green and ecological extraction processes. Our extraction methods are based on the unique use of green solvents such as water and natural alcohol or hydro alcoholic mixtures. We work mainly on the bark of various tree species used by the traditional timber industry. We recycle this wood industry co-product to valorize it. The extraction methods are designed to achieve high yields of extraction and to target specific family of compounds of interest for personal care, such as polyphenols. Our expertise is to modulate extraction parameters to obtain concentrated and highly bioactive extracts.


The quality control verifies and ensures the chemical composition of the extract and guarantees the standardization of production batches. We use chromatographic and spectrophotometric analysis methods to guarantee our customers the presence of bioactive molecules of interest and key chemical tracers. The high efficiency of our active ingredients is linked to the presence of these molecules and this strict quality control is a guarantee of the high quality of our products.


Our extracts dedicated to the cosmetics market are presented in liquid form in green glycerin. The native extract powder is dissolved at a very high targeted concentration determined according to the active dose of the final extract to be incorporated in the formula of a finished product. Our extracts are eco-certified COSMOS Naturals & Organics.