The synergistic power

of the nordic forest

Yellow birch

Jack pine

Red maple

Black spruce

Borēaline® Hydra is a complex of four different tree bark extracts which we find in Quebec mixed forest: the red maple, the black spruce, the yellow birch and the jack pine. This complex, created by Bio ForeXtra, shows a strong synergistic power from these four extracts who naturally live together in Quebec’s forest. Like the trees in the forest, these extracts collaborate together in order to strongly stimulate the natural water pump of the skin. Thanks to the enhanced Aquaporin-3 gene expression, the water can naturally circulate throughout the skin while helping in maintaining its elasticity. An in vivo clinical trial made on women with sensitive and atopic skin showed that after only one application, Borēaline® Hydra brought a long lasting hydration effect and also rehydrates dry and very dry skin.