Our mission is the development and marketing of new extracts obtained from forest biomass.  These forest extracts studied and tested in our laboratory and institutional partners are new raw materials which can be used by the chemical industry looking for green alternatives and new natural active molecules. Our current ranges of extracts are developed specifically for the cosmetic/cosmeceutical industry. However, growing through a strategy of open-innovation, we are also involved in projects of co-develpment and/or adaptation of our extracts to other applications such as nutraceuticals, green detergents and animal nutrition. We are experts in green extraction and phytochemistry, that’s why we also propose a turnkey R&D consulting service sharing our “know-how” to contribute to the development of the  “natural ingredients” field worldwide.


During her doctoral research in French Guiana University and postdoctoral studies at Laval University, Dr. Mariana Royer collaborated on several research projects aimed at valorizing co-products generated by wood processing through the extraction of bioactive molecules for various applications. She is author and co-author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and public reports. She also presented several lectures in Quebec to demonstrate the economic development potential related to forest extractives. Seeing the under-exploitation of forest barks produced in large amount by the wood industry, the interests of Quebec’s authorities to develop the sector of green chemistry, the lack of expertise in the Quebec industry and the increasingly growing demand for natural products on the global market, Dr. Royer, chemist in natural substances, had the idea to contribute through her actions to the development of this industry in Quebec. She founded in 2013 the company Laboratoires Bio ForeXtra which aims at creating the missing link between the forest and the market.