Where does it come from ?

Among the most common species of birch in Quebec we can find the yellow birch. Quebec is one of these places where we can find the largest population of yellow birch in the world. This tree species is mainly in the area of the southern forest located in the south of the province.

How is it used by the wood industry ?

Its average height of 28 meters and its average diameter of 70 centimeters confers the title of biggest birch. The largest yellow birch tree is located near Lac Saint-Jean in Canada ; it is estimated at an age between 250 and 300 years. Its trunk with maturity takes a golden hue. Its wood is prized for its unique qualities: it is robust, strong and shaped easily. The bark exfoliates naturally. This wild wood is often asked Joinery, usually for timber : doors, flooring.

How was it used traditionally ?

Traditionally the yellow birch bark is considered officinal. The essential oil of the bark and trunk has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. North America Native people used the birch to build their sweating tent, and for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. They chewed the twigs to relieve certain ailments. Algonquin mixed yellow birch sap to the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) to make sugar.